Wow. I haven't posted on here in a few years. I have been going back and reading my fanfiction for the last couple of days and it has made me nostalgic for the old gang. I miss my friends from LiveJournal. We had such a comeraderie back then. So tell me, if you are still out there, what is everyone up to?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Opinion
It's been months since I've posted anything. It's Harry Potter time and I've seen it twice now (yes twice already) and I have definite opinions. I'm hoping that J will post a recap so I can recap her recap like old times but I will tell you some of my disappointments about the movie. LJ changed so I don't know how to do the under the cut anymore so I have to post it here. Here's your only spoiler warning.

********************SPOILER ALERT*************************

1. The movie felt rushed. In the book, everything took months, and yes there were parts in the woods where you felt like it was taking them forever, but you understand the time frame they were dealing with. In the movie, even though they mentioned once that it was taking months, everything felt like it was done within a short time frame.

2. There wasn't enough detail. I know what you're thinking: They've made it into two books so they are already doing more than they did for the previous books. That may be true, however the extra time was not put into the details. I guess I thought because it was going to be two movies that they would be able to do a lot more detail than they did in the other movies. They left chunks of the book out of this. Unfortunately, I felt like the chunks they left out were significant details. They didn't explain things so I think if you didn't read the book, this would have maybe left you confused on some things.

3. Because of the chunks they left out and the rushed timeframe, it took away some of the emotional impact that the book had.

For instance, they didn't put the conversation Harry had with the Dursleys before they left at the beginning. I didn't miss the conversation with Uncle Vernon, but I did miss the conversation between Harry and Dudley. It was one moment in seven years of Harry's life where you saw a glimpse that he did mean something to atleast one member of his muggle family.

They didn't show (well enough) how sad and lovesick Hermione was when Ron left. And I was extremely disappointed in the "destroying the locket" scene. When I read that part of the book, I actually teared up. The pleading of Harry to Ron about the locket lying and Hermione being so sad when Ron left and then after he destroyed the locket and Harry told Ron that it's never been like that between them, that he feels like she's more like his sister and that she cried every night after he left was something I was really looking forward to being played out on the scene. I wanted to feel that heartache for Ron like I did when I read the book. Instead, they have Harry feebling yelling that the locket is lying. That's it. And then they fall back on a disappointing joke after the locket is destroyed instead of what could have been an outstanding scene.

Hermione's torture scene was very short and although she did a good job with her crying and screaming, they didn't show Ron's torment over it, which made it fall short of the book book's emotions.

And then there was the Dobby dying scene. Although I do think that it was well done as far as Harry being emotional over Dobby dying, I felt like because it was only the three of them burying him instead of everyone, took away the respect that Dobby had earned. Strange as this sounds, I don't think it was a proper tribute to him.

4. The book detailed Voldemorte's moves more, which made you realize the constant danger they just barely escaped. There is none of that in the movie. With the exception of the 7 Potters chase scene, Voldemorte never seems to be close to catching Harry. Even at Godrics Hollow when Voldemorte was basically coming in the window when Harry and Hermione disapparated, he wasn't anywhere in that scene.

5. I like Ron and Hermione together and Harry and Ginny together. I wouldn't hate them with other people, those are just the people I like them with best. There was something subtley sexy about the scene where Ginny asks Harry to zip her dress up. Kind of risque for a Harry Potter movie, but it was definitely sexy.

I'm not sure what vibe they were going for in the scene where Harry asks Hermione to dance in the tent, but to me, it definitely gave off a sexual vibe. I felt myself kind of sit up and go whoa, where are they going with this, it wasn't in the book like this. It turned out to not be sexual, but there were definite sexual undertones to me and it made me wonder if they did that for the Harry/Hermione shippers.

6. They didn't explain any of the radio station stuff and you didn't get to hear any of that. Just random fuzzy radio in the background that got on Harry's nerves, lol.

7. Dobby stuns Peter Pettigrew rather than the hand that Voldemorte gave him killing him. Not the same effect or message.

8. They didn't go through any of the Kreacher stuff with Harry giving him the locket and Kreacher changing his loyalty to Harry (and Ron and Hermione). That would have been good comedy (for Harry trying to soothe him) rather than the forced comedy they did do.

Quick List of the Good Stuff

1. Ron seemed more mature and grown up in this one. He had more of a physical presence as well.
2. Snape. He showed with subtlety that the Charity thing bothered him while still playing the roll.
3. Malfoy doesn't want to kill Harry. Same as in the book but Tom Felton did a really good job showing it without words.
4. Not in the book but the first scene with Hermione obliterating her parents memory of her, so sad.
5. Ron telling how Hermione whispering his name became a light which became a ball of light which went through his chest (heart) which lead him to them. *sigh* How could you not love that.
6. The conversation where Ron asks Harry how long he thinks Hermione will be mad at him and Harry says, keep talking about the ball of light that touched his heart and it won't be long, lol. One of my favorite parts. Good stuff!
7. Hermione taking care of Ron after he splinched.
8. Dobby!
9. NEVILLE! Completely gratuitous scene, yes, but I love me some Neville so I'm good with it *grins*.
10. Harry running to Ron and Hermione and hugging them after the 7 Potters scene.

There are more, but this is all I'm going to list out now. I know it sounds like I might not have liked the movie. That's not the case. I did. But with them making two movies out of one book, I thought it would be more. Maybe they should have made three movies out of the last book, lol. At any rate, I'd love to hear your opinion on the movie.

How Disappointing
My 19 year old nephew has been reading the Harry Potter series since he was about 11 or 12. In other words, he rode the train from the start. Being the brat that he is *grins*, he wouldn't tell me who died in the 5th book, so I started reading. I loved the books and of course I loved the movies. He and I found yet more glue to our bond through the Harry Potter books and movies, so we have been really excited about the theme park that opened in Orlando. We have been planning to go to the park in August to see if it lives up to all of the great things that have been said about it.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that if you're plus size, you can't ride.
I've been overweight most of my life. I always joke that the only time I was tall and skinny was when I was born. Discrimination, being dismissed by people just because I'm not thin, hurtful comments, and nagging from my doctor and myself have been constant companions to me for a long time. I don't need a theme park, which you pay A LOT of money to get into, to degrade, deny and embarass me too.

Harry Potter has touched all different types, sizes, shapes, ethnicities and nationalities of people. JK Rowling wrote books that, thankfully for us, weren't pigeonholed into one specific audience. It's disappointing that Universal Studios didn't try to accomplish the same thing in allowing everyone who loves Harry Potter to experience this. Shame on them!

Soapfest Bartender's Bash
The dinner always seems to take forever, but it was finally over, then we went to the bar. The Bartender’s Bash was at CJs on the Bay this year. Let me just say, the place itself was pretty, but we did not like the venue for this event. My sister has to use a wheelchair if there is distance to walk or standing for a long time, so we had to use the wheelchair. The bar is set up in an L type shape. The bottom or shorter part of the L has a few tables and the dance floor. The top or longer part of the L has the bar along it and two tables at the beginning. There’s also tables outside the bar and an area they had for the public to use outside so that they still had regular business too. Because of the amount of people, we couldn’t move around freely because it was just too difficult with the wheelchair. So we try to find a good spot where Tina won’t get run into a lot (people are obnoxious, especially when they’re drunk, lol) and where she can still see what’s going on. This place didn’t have a good design for that. Most of the actors stayed over on the bar side, so we grabbed the second table in. Several of the actors came early and did their time behind the bar and left early which was disappointing. I understood why for the ones I knew the reason why, but it’s still somewhat disappointing. Scott was behind the bar for a long time. He actually used to be a bartender, so he knew what he was doing. Nobody stripped this year *frowns*, at least not that I know of, but John Driscoll did change shirts but I missed it. Sorry to anyone who would have been interested in those pics, lol. I got to meet Silke and her handsome hubby Andy, Sarah, Natali, and a couple other tweeters, which was great! Scott was really trying to win the most tips, so I went to the bar to get a drink and give him a tip. When he came over, I quizzed him on my name. He failed, lol. He asked me what it was again and promised he’d remember it. He did remember it. For the rest of the weekend, every time I saw him he’d use my name, lol. When he finally came from behind the bar, he was taking pics with the tweeter gang. When he was done, I told him I was holding his drink hostage until he took a pic with me, lol. He came around the table and wrapped his arms around me from behind and we took the pic. We took pics with Tom Pelphrey and Tina, Vickie and Kathy got pics with Trent Dawson. Teri Colombino came by and chatted with us. I told her that we were sitting at the table beside them at the dinner and she said she knew, that she had seen us. She told us how she and Austin had missed the plane and had to land in Tampa. She said they had to rent a car and drive from Tampa (which is about 40 minutes from where we live) and that they got in at 5:30 in the morning the day before. She said they were going to visit with her grandma in St. Petersburg for a few days after the events before they went back. We chatted about the area because she grew up in St Petersburg. She chatted with us for quite a bit. She is incredibly sweet and very personable. Austin came by a little later and said to Tina, oh yeah I have to come back and see you, how are you? Tina, who was confused by his greeting (because he acted like he knew her) told him she was good. He delivered the drinks he had and came back. He asked her name and chatted with her for a few minutes. I was completely invisible to him, which was kind of funny, lol. He took a picture with her and then completely ignored me *laughin*. He wasn’t trying to be rude, he was just wound up. When he went by later, I said can you take a pic with me since you completely ignored me earlier, lol. He said (very loudly) 20 bucks. I laughed and asked 20 bucks? He said yep 20 bucks. He was kidding of course, so then he said lets look fierce, which explains his look in the pic, lol. Towards the end of the night, a lot of the actors had left so we decided to go ahead and leave too.

Now a few pics of the bar:

Soapfest Dinner
So, this is going to be sort of longish. I tried to remember everything but honestly, I'm sure I've left stuff out. It's a lot to remember and I didn't bring any Ginko, lol. I'm posting these in phases because they're long and I lose interest in typing them out, lol. Here's the dinner.

Saw JD at Walgreens on Friday with his g/f. I told sis “that’s John Driscoll”. She whipped her head around and said he’s so skinny, lol. There are four of us sisters. Two of us have gone the last two years. This was our 3rd year. This was the first year for the other two. We had told them that the camera doesn't add 10 lbs, it adds 50 lbs because the actors are a lot smaller than they appear on TV. This was their first encounter with that, so it was funny.

At dinner, Kathy and Vickie sat with Trent Dawson (Henry, ATWT). They said that his g/f was there and that she was really nice even though there was a lady at their table that spent most of the time at the dinner trying to get Trent to give her the boxers he was wearing. She said she’d pay money to the charity for it. She kept saying how hot his love scenes with “Barbara” were. All of this was while Trent’s g/f was sitting at the table, listening to the conversation. He said that he wants to try to find a job in NY because he doesn’t really like LA, but if he had to, he would relocate to LA for a job. He had been up since 4:30 am and he was really tired from the early hours and he said the Soapfest people had them busy all day long, so he hadn’t gotten any rest. He was going to bartend early at the Bartender’s Bash because they were leaving in the morning. He didn’t go on the cruise.

Tina and I sat with Scott Evans. Crystal Hunt was at our table too. He was hysterical. He started out by going around the table and asking everyone’s names. I told him there would be a test at the end and he said he’d fail, lol. Scott had a friend with him, who sat beside me and then Scott sat beside him. He was a really nice guy (Travis). Scott mentioned the Emmys and I missed part of the convo but I told him he was robbed. He was very gracious and said that he doesn’t know most of the others nominated but that he was happy for everyone. He said you have to do your work and be proud of what you do and then move on. I told him that I think his tweets are really funny and they make me actually laugh out loud. He laughed and said that he had a rough start with Twitter but now he’s getting the hang of it. He said that he’s seen these people who tweet and they just tweet stuff like “I’m going to the grocery store” but he didn’t want his to be like that and so that’s why he tweets the types of tweets he does. He said that there was one tweet that caused a lot of commotion, when he thanked his mom for pushing him out. I told him I loved that tweet. He talked about tweeting Happy Mothers Day to his mom and then to Crystal because she was his baby mama. He said later on in the day that it dawned on him that his sister had a baby a year before and he hadn’t told her Happy Mother’s Day, so he tweeted to Crystal (his fake baby mama) before he told his sister, lol. He talked about a movie that he’s filming starting in June. He said it’s an independent film and he has three love scenes with Jon Prescott. The name of the movie is The One and it’s about two guys that eventually fall in love. He said he can’t imagine ever living anywhere but NY and doesn’t see himself ever moving out of there. He was so personable, interacting with everyone. Yelling and encouraging. Later on, they were auctioning items off and he waves a couple paper towels high over his head and says to us we could always auction these off. Well apparently Walt Willey, who was doing the auction, thought that Scott was bidding and when we realized what was going on, everyone was looking at us. Then Walt starts giving him hell because he made him think he was bidding. It was hysterical. Then when Meredith and Marnie (Liberty and Allison, ATWT) were offering a lunch with the two of them, Scott stood up and loudly bid $100. Walt called him a cheap bastard or something like that for lunch with two beautiful women. Scott sat down and said (to us), I think $100 is a good price for two women. I don’t even like girls *laughin*. He kept saying that he was going to get their phone numbers so they could hang out cause he thought they were fun.

Crystal talked about playing Stacy and how much she enjoyed it. She said she loved playing that part. She talked about how skimpy the wardrobe was with the stripper stuff and she's go to wardrobe and they'd give her these skimpy things and she'd say really? This is all there is? lol She’s not with her fiance anymore but she seemed ok. She was very nice and gave everyone at the table a picture that was taken at her birthday party (it was 1920s theme) and signed each one for everyone. She really was very sweet.

At one point they auctioned off a photo with any actors from ABC that they wanted and the same thing for CBS. The actors were egging people on so that their network could “win” the highest bid. Scott was standing up saying they’d do something crazy in their photo so that people would bid more. He told Susan Haskell (who was at the next table) that they would make out and she said that’s ok I have mints, lol.

They auctioned off a scene with Hunter and Emily for someone to play the Emily part opposite Hunter. They auctioned off a scene with Katie and Brad and Liberty with someone playing Brad's part. Ironically enough, the guy who did it's name is Austin. He got it because his mother bid on it for him and he didn't even know about it until after she won the bid. He was sitting at our table and when he finally realized it (yes he was drunk too, lol), he was very embarrassed. The other scene they auctioned off was a scene between Katie and Brad where they auctioned off Katie's part. Austin Peck was absolutely over the top hysterical in the scene, even taking his shirt off and saying to the audience, YES I WENT THERE. Scott kept saying this can't be a real scene, is this a real scene? lol Another guy at the table said yes this is a real scene. Scott was like OMG at what Austin was saying and I know it was a real scene but Austin was embellishing A LOT, lol. It was so funny.

The bidding was insane. The paintings that were done with the kids went for amounts like $700, $800, etc. The other things went for amounts that were over $1000. I remember when I first went three years ago, you could get one for $50 or $75 or $100. Those days seem to be gone, which is great for the charity.

Austin Peck and Teri Colombino were at the table next to ours. We think Austin was drunk at the dinner already, lol. We didn’t hear a lot other than Austin kept talking about kicking someone’s ass. Tina said he said it LOUDLY like three times, lol. Also, I think Ellen Dolan was drunk at the dinner, or at least she acted like she was drunk, lol. She’s got a cute daughter that they called Ellen’s twin daughter because she looks so much like her. Eric Sheffer Stevens was really sweet after they auctioned off a picture that he and one of the kids did for like $800, he walked over to the woman who bought it who was at the table beside us and thanked her for buying it telling her that it really meant a lot to him. I thought that was really sweet. Helen Wagner’s pearls initially only brought a $250 bid and that took a minute to get and then they said they didn’t want to let them go for that so Anthony, a guy that goes every year and is obscenely wealthy apparently, lol, upped his own bid to $2000 and they sold them for that. I told him when I saw him in the boat that I thought it was nice that he does that for the charity and he said it’s a great charity but he thinks some people want to run him out of town sometimes because he beats their bids, lol.

At one point, Travis (Scott’s friend), said how many items do they have and I turned to him and said nine million, lol. Scott said I know right, you’re with us. This is taking a long time. I told them that it’s always like this and Scott would rally to cheer the auctioning on again, lol.

Out of all of the events this year, the dinner was my favorite. I had such a great time sitting at Scott's table and chatting with him and Travis and Crystal and the others at the table. It was very entertaining and a great time. I don't have as many pics as I thought I would. Here's a few at the dinner.

The place where the dinner was:

Q & A period:

Tom Pelphrey:

Teri and Austin:

Me and Travis (Scott's friend):

I didn't make anything for you :( because I'm not sure what all you're into now.  The old stand-bys no longer hold true :(  But I wanted to make sure to wish you a FANTASTICALLY AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLY AWESOME HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You deserve so much and I'm thankful to have you in my life!  Love you sissy!  *hugs*


Kish Banners
I was bored in between waiting to Watch Apolo skate so I made some banners. The first one didn't really turn out like I wanted but I figured I'd post it anyway. Credit for textures goes to pinacotheque. So without further ado...

So Cute!
This video is so freaking cute it's unreal. LOVE IT!!

I tweeted to Ellen to try to get her to let this little girl meet Justin Bieber. So if you watch Ellen and see this 3 year old girl meeting Justin Bieber, it's cause of me *grins*.

Olympics and Kish Video
First I have to say congratulations to Apolo Ohno and JR Celski! They were both smoking in the 1500 and they came away with the Silver (Apolo) and the Bronze (JR). Congratulations to the Korean who won the Gold. Great race. Nail biter all the way. And I yelled encouragement as if they could hear me, lol. In an Olympics that started out with such sadness, the happiness of watching them win was nice and appreciated *smilin*.

While Apolo was trying to make me throw up with nerves, lol, I had to do something in between runs, so I made another video. I'm not even trying Youtube this time because it hates me so I'm sorry, you can't preview it first. But you can download it. Here you go and hope you enjoy! Oh yeah, it's Kish *smilin*.

I felt the itch so I had to scratch it, lol. Here you go. Hope you like them *smilin*.
Oh, I no longer know how to do under the cut because of LJ changing *sigh*. I'd like to give some suspense, but that's not happening now, lol. Enjoy *smilin*.

And my favorite *grins*...


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